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Names of Allah (swt)

This page lists some of the names of Almighty Allah (swt). These are ones often listed as the 99 names of Allah as derived from the Quran and hadith. Obviously the english translations can only approximate the meaning(s) of the original arabic names, which is why there is more than one translation listed often, to give you more of a grasp of the original.

"Cry unto Allah, or cry unto the Beneficent, unto whichsoever ye cry (it is the same). His are the most beautiful names." (Quran 17:110)
allah nameALLAH - the Greatest Name

The name Allah contains five meanings, qualities that indicate the non-resemblance of Allah to anything else. They are:

  • Qidam: He is before the before. He did not become, He always was.
  • Baqa: He is after the after, Eternal; He always will be.
  • Wahdaniyyah: He is unique, without partner, without resemblance, the cause of all. All is in need of Him, all has become by the order "BE!" and has died by His order.
  • Mukhalafatun lil-hawadith: He is the Creator, bearing no resemblance to the created.
  • Qiyam bi-nafsihi: He is self-existent without any needs.
1allah name The All-Merciful allah name
2allah name The All-Beneficient, The Compassionate allah name
3allah name The Absolute Ruler, The King allah name
4allah name The Pure One, The Holy allah name
5allah name The Source of Peace allah name
6allah name The Inspirer of Faith, The Guardian of Faith allah name
7allah name The Guardian allah name
8allah name The Victorious, The Mighty allah name
9allah name The Compeller allah name
10allah name The Greatest, The Victorious allah name
11allah name The Creator allah name
12allah name The Maker of Order, The Inventor allah name
13allah name The Shaper of Beauty, The Designer allah name
14allah name The Forgiving allah name
15allah name The Subduer allah name
16allah name The Giver of All, The Bestower allah name
17allah name The Sustainer, The Provider allah name
18allah name The Opener allah name
19allah name The Knower of All allah name
20allah name The Constrictor, The Straightener allah name
21allah name The Reliever, The Expander allah name
22allah name The Abaser allah name
23allah name The Exalter allah name
24allah name The Bestower of Honours, The Honourer allah name
25allah name The Humiliator, The Dishonourer allah name
26allah name The Hearer of All allah name
27allah name The The Seer of All allah name
28allah name The Judge allah name
29allah name The Just allah name
30allah name The Subtle One allah name
31allah name The All-Aware allah name
32allah name The Forebearing allah name
33allah name The Magnificent allah name
34allah name The Forgiver and Hider of Faults allah name
35allah name The Rewarder of Thankfulness, The Benefactor allah name
36allah name The Highest allah name
37allah name The Greatest allah name
38allah name The Preserver allah name
39allah name The Nourisher allah name
40allah name The Accounter, The Reckoner allah name
41allah name The Mighty, The Glorious allah name
42allah name The Generous allah name
43allah name The Watchful One, The Observer allah name
44allah name The Responder to Prayer, The Responsive allah name
45allah name The All-Comprehending, The Embracing allah name
46allah name The Perfectly Wise allah name
47allah name The Loving One allah name
48allah name The Majestic One allah name
49allah name The Resurrector allah name
50allah name The Witness allah name
51allah name The Truth allah name
52allah name The Trustee, The Provident allah name
53allah name The Possessor of All Strength allah name
54allah name The Forceful One, The Firm allah name
55allah name The Governor, Friend, Patron and Helper allah name
56allah name The Praised One, The Praiseworthy allah name
57allah name The Appraiser, The Calculator allah name
58allah name The Originator allah name
59allah name The Restorer, The Renewer allah name
60allah name The Giver of Life allah name
61allah name The Taker of Life, The Giver of Death allah name
62allah name The Ever Living One allah name
63allah name The Self-Existing One allah name
64allah name The Finder, The Present allah name
65allah name The (Most) Glorious allah name
66allah name The Only One, The Unique allah name
67allah name The One allah name
68allah name The Satisfier of All Needs allah name
69allah name The All Powerful, The Able allah name
70allah name The Creator of All Power, The Powerful allah name
71allah name The Expediter allah name
72allah name The Delayer allah name
73allah name The First allah name
74allah name The Last allah name
75allah name The Manifest One allah name
76allah name The Hidden One allah name
77allah name The Protecting Friend, The Patron, The Friendly Lord allah name
78allah name The Supreme One allah name
79allah name The Doer of Good, The Good allah name
80allah name The Guide to Repentance, The Acceptor of Repentance allah name
81allah name The Avenger allah name
82allah name The Forgiver, The Pardoner allah name
83allah name The Clement, The Gentle allah name
84allah name The Owner of All, The Eternal Sovereign allah name
85allah name The Lord of Majesty and Bounty,
The Lord of Glory and Nobility
allah name
86allah name The Equitable One allah name
87allah name The Gatherer allah name
88allah name The Rich One, The Self-Sufficient allah name
89allah name The Enricher allah name
90allah name The Preventer of Harm, The Withholder allah name
91allah name The Creator of The Harmful, The Loss Causer allah name
92allah name The Creator of Good, The Favourer allah name
93allah name The Light allah name
94allah name The Guide allah name
95allah name The Originator allah name
96allah name The Everlasting One allah name
97allah name The Inheritor of All allah name
98allah name The Righteous Teacher,
The Guide to the Right Path
allah name
99allah name The Patient One allah name